Online Accounting Degree - A good idea?

Accounting is a growing field, in the business industry, and is becoming an increasingly popular course among students. Like many degree programs, accounting is offer by a variety of online institutions. Earning an online accounting degree attracts many students due to the numerous advantages it offers, over traditional methods of study. These include convenience, less expensive tuition, and greater flexibility. Still, before pursuing an online accounting degree, a number of critical factors must be considered, to ensure that it is the best option for the individual situation.

First, and foremost, as with all online degree programs, you need to be sure that, once you have completed your course, you will be marketable. Find out, beforehand, if the online institution, that you are interested in, is accredited. Also, note that the course itself (accounting) may need to be separately accredited, varying by jurisdiction. It is of great importance to find out all the necessary information before investing your time, money, and effort for years, only to be stuck with a useless piece of paper.

You should also consider it from a financial perspective. While the risk of not being taken serious by some employers, due to the nature of the degree, still applies, online degrees are far less expensive than their campus counterparts. Not only is your tuition likely to be lower but you will also not need to worry about expenses like boarding, and excessive transport costs. From a financial standpoint, an online accounting degree can be much more attractive.

Critical to success in an online endeavour, such as this, is proper evaluation of the teaching methods. A variety of methods are available, for online institutions to choose from, and different methods may be an advantage to different students – depending on the way each individual learns best. Particularly in the hands-on, and accuracy dependent, field of accounting, it is important to ensure that the instruction methods will train you adequately for real world demands, after graduation.

Finally, you should research the ventures of past graduates, in the accounting field, to estimate how marketable you will be, upon graduation. If you find that the majority are working decent jobs at stable companies, or even small businesses, you may safely assume that the accounting degree in question is looked upon favourably. If, however, such research yields students who have not gone on to take up successful accounting jobs, and are even pursuing similar courses at a different institution, you may want to look at other schools. In short, an online accounting degree can be a good idea, but it depends on the institution and your own situation. It is incumbent on you, therefore, to evaluate both and decide this, for yourself, based on the factors detailed above.

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